Welcome to my corner of the Internet. This web site is the beginning of a portfolio of sorts, with my Vita and some pictures and things for my family and friends to take a peek at from time to time. If you were guided here by my visit to you, take some time to view some exciting projects I am doing. I don't list everything I do here, as one of my main goals is to be in Pinellas County classrooms training children and teachers how to use the Internet as a learning tool.

If you are a teacher or school district who would like my help, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions. I'd be happy to give you a free quote or some guidance in any project you are considering. I specialize in teacher professional development.

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Florida Digital Educator

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Podcasting with Class!

Explore and learn how to podcast. Use podcasting as a tool to engage learners.
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Environmental Distance Learning (EDL) invites you to discover the world in your own backyard. Launched in 2002 and by Pinellas County, Florida, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and Pinellas County Schools, EDL is an educational tool that was a very successful project. Due to budget constraints, the project was terminated in 2006.

EDL provided an interactive learning adventure into Florida and ocean habitats. Educational tools hosted on EDL allow all community of learners to follow hurricanes through the use of satellites, collect weather and water data from land sensors and ocean buoys, use GIS to view fire dangers, and soon use a hazmat system to predict damage caused to waters and habitats by grounding or sinking.

Built by and for educators, EDL is one of the finest, community-developed real time distance learning initiatives in the nation. EDL is dedicated to enhancing student learning, providing cross-curriculum tools for educators and data for researchers. EDL is a safe and easy to use distance learning resource that enables you to take virtual field trips, develop curriculum and learn principles based on local, state and national standards.

As the former Director of EDL in Pinellas County, Florida. I worked with the Pinellas School District, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners, and PossibleNow located in Atlanta, GA. I guided the develoment of the EDL web site, and trained teachers and students to use all of it's resources.


FSTE, formerly called The Florida Association for Computers in Education, Inc. provides a cohesive, unified organization to represent the concerns of people who are interested in instructional technology. Established in 1985, FSTE is one of the most supportive educational technology associations in the country. The FSTE membership includes PreK-20 educators, students, parents, educational institutions and corporations.

FSTE operates as an independent, member-financed, non-profit corporation. The state, Regions, and county locals all elect their officers annually.

FSTE co-sponsors and participates in the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) with its members serving on committees as presenters.

FSTE serves as both a catalyst and an informational center to address the urgent issues of instructional technology.
Join or renew a membership with FSTE and be a part of this important work: serve on committees that prepare the groundwork for concerted action; share your knowledge at state and regional conferences; contribute news articles, or letters for the FSTE News Briefs. Whether you are a technology-using educator or just interested in the use of technology in education, participation in FSTE will be both rewarding and effective.

Local FSTE chapters hold regular informational meeting for their members on important issues and often sponsor special events. These events may include but are not limited to technology fairs, software and hardware demonstrations and educational/motivational speakers. The meetings also provide members an opportunity to network with other professionals who advocate the Integration of Technology in Education.

I served as President of FSTE (then FACE) from 2006-2008 . If you are a Florida educator, you need to belong to FSTE. Our children deserve the best education, and that includes the use of technology!

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Just one visit and you will see why it's among the top aquariums in the world.
With over 10,000 aquatic plants and animals from Florida and beyond, The Florida Aquarium features 200,000 square-feet of air-conditioned fun.

The Florida Aquarium offers a variety of programs for school groups, teachers, and home school families. Aligned with Sunshine State Standards, their programs emphasize inquiry-based instruction and hands-on activities. They offer on-site classes, outreach into schools through the Water Wheels program, boat and field programs, Teacher Workshops, sleepovers, and much more. FLAQ guarantees that learning will never be the same once you have experienced their unique aquatic education.

I served on the Education Committee of the Florida Aquarium and still support their wildlife conservation efforts.

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Mission - Our Collective Purpose
Scientists and educators working together to advance ocean discovery
and make known the vital role of the ocean in our lives

The Florida Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence is one of seven centers awarded and established in 2002. Florida COSEE will serve as a regional hub that integrates ocean research with education, outreach activities in Florida and the southeastern U.S. to advance the availability and quality of information on the oceans, improve ocean science competency in a GK-12 audience and keep the public, policy makers, and the media fully informed on ocean issues and discoveries. A major task will be to publicize and distribute new and existing successful programs and products developed by the Center and its partners to the widest possible audience using multiple formats and platforms.

I provide training for COSEE, sharing my expertise on how to use real time data in the classroom.

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I am forever grateful to Apple Computer, and my dearest friends and mentors Cindy Seletos and Mark Benno. Apple understands education like no other computing company in the world. They know how to easily integrate technology into the classroom. I have been an ADE since 1999. I use the strategies taught to me by Apple every day. They taught me more about how to leave the computer behind and just USE it as a tool to help kids get excited again about learning.

See what I mean. Visit the digital classroom in the teaching and learning area. They support teachers to help their colleagues and build life long relationships from around the world. Here is what they say:

"At Apple we're inspired by the learning we see taking place in digital classrooms across the globe. And we're excited about the open sharing from Learning Interchange authors who regularly contribute their successes to empower other teachers to advance learning in powerful ways too. On these pages, you'll find ways to make your lessons come alive and learn from your peers as they share how digital learning is transforming their classrooms. Enjoy the broad range of content offered below which ranges from engaging lesson plans, lesson "starter" ideas, student projects, virtual field trips, videos, interviews and more."

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Keep Pinellas Beautiful is an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful.
Keep Pinellas Beautiful is a non profit (501c3), all-volunteer based organization whose objectives are to:

* Promote litter removal and prevention education
* Promote recycling as a daily practice of good Solid Waste Management
* Pursuit of the protection and improvement of our environment
* Protect, maintain, and improve the beauty of our community

KPB organizes the Adopt a Road program, several clean-ups throughout the year, and visits schools presenting an education program to help the public understand what improper disposal of trash and chemicals does to our environment.

I have served on the Board of Directors for Keep Pinellas Beautiful.

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